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ADEK Awards 2023


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About the Awards

The Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) aspires to nurture a world-class education system in Abu Dhabi.

We strive to ensure that every student, regardless of their background and learning needs, is empowered to realize their fullest potential and become a successful global citizen, positively impacting and shaping the world around them.

These Awards will celebrate the outstanding people and programs across our education system, along with outstanding accomplishments in key international and standardized assessments, acknowledging the critical role of education and learning in achieving sustainable development and Abu Dhabi’s aspirations.

Recognizing the Best of Education

Join The League of Extraordinary Educaiton

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Award Ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions

All public, private and Charter Schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi can apply. Depending on the category, the award will apply to the school as a whole, a specific program offered within the school or an individual school staff member.

No. Applying for awards is free of charge. 

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners. Please visit the awards page on this website for more information.

For school-wide or program-based awards, the cash prize will go towards improvements at the school.  For individual awards, the winner will receive the cash prize directly.

Yes. A school, individual or program can nominate itself for any of the awards except for the Standardized Benchmark Assessment Awards.

Schools can choose to apply for all the awards.

Video submissions are highly recommended but not mandatory. The jury will consider the quality of each application.

No. The online application does not allow users to save their applications.

No. A school can only nominate an individual for one award each year. 

ADEK Awards ceremony details will be announced on a latter date in due course.

Yes. Individuals and programs can receive nominations over multiple years.

You can contact the Case Manager assigned to your school by ADEK.

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